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Is E-Design Right for You?

An overview of e-design versus traditional full-service interior design.

E-design is a relatively new service that popped up in the design world primarily during the pandemic in 2020. Since then, it has become a thriving industry for designers and an excellent option for homeowners looking to make improvements to their home. As things returned to normal, full-service interior design has returned to its original status as the time-tested service for renovation and new build projects, leaving many wondering which service is right for them. We’re here to clear things up for you!

It's important to start with the fact that full-service interior design is a luxury service. While most qualified designers offer important insight on projects and elevate a design far beyond a DIY project with years of experience, it is worth noting that a full-service interior designer isn’t always the best fit for every project – especially projects on a tighter budget. This is why e-design is a great solution for many.

E-design makes the exclusive luxury of interior design available to many who would otherwise not have the budget to hire a designer or implement their plans. E-design is great for anyone who plans to handle much of their project on their own, whether working with their own contractor or doing the work themselves. It’s a great opportunity to work with qualified designers, develop a plan for a space, and then take a hands-on approach to implement it.

There are some elements of e-design to consider when weighing it against full-service interior design. E-design does require coordination and time on the part of the homeowner, not only to provide initial measurements and photos of the space, but also to coordinate the various trades or work with a contractor, as well as order and install the various furniture and décor elements. Due to the nature of e-design, designers tend to specify off-the-shelf items that are readily available at common retailers. This somewhat limits the selection of products that a designer will use in a project. Many full-service interior designers elevate their designs through exclusive to-the-trade vendors that provide unique products. These unique products play into the individuality and creativity of a well-designed space. Fortunately, in our post-Covid world, many retailers have moved their products onto online stores which have broadened the selection of products available off the shelf, meaning that a creative e-design firm can still provide you with a beautiful, unique space designed just for you.

So when is full-service interior design the best fit? If you are looking for elevated quality and an entirely unique aesthetics with convenience navigating the construction and installation process, full-service is the way to go! Full-service interior design is intended to make life easier for clients as designers develop an initial design concept, provide space planning, consult during the construction process, navigate conversations with your contractor, and oversee product procurement and installation, all with a cohesive design goal and budget in mind. A good full-service interior designer will make frequent site visits to ensure that the design is being properly implemented during the construction phase. Designers also offer their unique aesthetic and access to their to-the-trade vendors. A qualified interior designer will provide insight on details that most homeowners don’t want to get bogged down with, right down to the width of the grout lines used to tile the floors or walls in your project. A full-service interior designer is an investment, but an important part of a project team when the goal is to get the project done right with a truly beautiful outcome!

We hope this brief breakdown is helpful! If you have any questions about e-design versus full-service interior design, feel free to contact our team at


-The Ivory House Team

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