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E-Design Terms of Service


✓ You are familiar with Ivory House’s Napa Valley inspired design aesthetic and feel that it is a fit for your home and style preferences. 

✓ If purchasing a full room design, your budget is at least $10,000 or grater to ensure a budget for high quality pieces in the room.

✓ You are prepared to implement the design due to the nature of online shopping and risk associated with items going out of stock. Resourcing fees due to items going out of stock (outside of the 10 business day post design delivery window for 3D/2D vision boards and 5 days for mini 2D vision boards) are $50 per item. 

  • If you would like to purchase pour package but postpone the start of your design, please notify us during our initial “welcome” email correspondence and include your timeline information on the questionnaire.

✓ You are aware that you have 5 business days days from initial design delivery for unlimited revisions. After 5 business days, we are happy to continue making changes but will charge a $50 fee per item to resource the item.

✓ We do not offer refunds after the design phase has been started by your designer. 

✓ Purchasing your design package will place you into Ivory House's queue. Turn around times in getting started can vary but are currently around 2-4 weeks (3-5 weeks for 3D design). Once we begin your design, you will be notified via email and in our design platform.

✓ All typical correspondence will take place in our online design portal as this is a virtual service. Phone calls and video chats will be conducted on an as needed basis, but are typically not needed or a part of the design service.

✓ You recognize that because this is remote design, we have not and cannot see every item that we recommend in person. We use our design expertise along with reviews to ensure high quality items that will fit within your design. Items can always appear different than displayed online or in your design. This is an associated risk with online design - we will help you to facilitate a suitable replacement if this does happen.

✓ Ivory House reserves the right to market all designs.

✓ Initial package purchase values are honored for 6 months from the date of purchase. Project must be started within 6 months to honor the original purchase value. If prices have increased before the project has started after 6 months of purchasing the design package, an invoice will be sent to the client for the difference before we begin the project.


We cannot wait to see your space come to life! Welcome to Ivory House!

-Anna & the Ivory House Team

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